The Hilli Goat

Where sustainable farming is a way of life and Gourmet food is served at our Kitchen Table

Hilli Goat Organic Skincare

Our range of beautifully crafted organic Skincare is made using the freshest of ingredients from our farm.
Ideal for super sensitive skin and calming and soothing for skin conditions



Cooking The Norfolk Whey,
learning to use beautiful seasonal produce being grateful for what we have and using it in a myriad of different dishes creating something new and exciting each time.
Delicious and good for the soul

The Norfolk Whey Tour

Visit our stunning clifftop property to indulge in all the delicacies we have grown from our soil and the delicious artisan cheeses produced from our happy healthy goats.
prepared for you in our family home, we invite you to come, explore the farm then sit back, relax and enjoy all The Hilli Goat has to offer.

Easy to Shop

Visit our on site store to order your little piece of The Hilli Goat and a keep a little bit of Norfolk Island close to you.

Quality Guarantee

Handmade on site with care and love. Quality over quantity and built to last the distance.

Good For Skin

All our Skincare products are free from harmful fragrancies and preservatives. Good for you and good for the earth

Hilli Goat's Famous Goats Cheese, Cheesecake

Book “The Norfolk Whey Tour” to sample a selection of mouth watering sensations. All prepaped in our homestead kitchen using the beautiful fresh ingredients sorced from the Farm.